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Wednesday, July 17, 2024
6:30 p.m.
Inlet Historical Society
Inlet Information Center
Inlet, New York


"Inlet Families: The Legacy of our Town"

Suzanne Schnittman, local author and historian, shares stories from Inlet's founding families. Focusing on women from the earliest days to today, she weaves themes of community and family to demonstrate the unique town we all love! You'll recognize them all!

Saturday, May 18, 2024, at
Henrietta United Church of Christ
1400 Lehigh Station Road
Henrietta, New York 14467
Noon lunch-ticketed event, but open to the public


Antoinette Brown Blackwell Historical Association annual lunch and meeting features local author Suzanne Schnittman, PhD, as its keynote speaker. Schnittman will share stories from her book, "Provocative Mothers and Their Precocious Daughters: 19th Century Women's Rights Leaders." All of the subjects in her book were friends, relatives, or associates of Henrietta's famous daughter, Antoinette Brown Blackwell. Tying them together to celebrate their mark on American history and lessons about motherhood will be the subject of this lunch. 

Links to past presentations
and panels highlighting
the book:

Seneca Falls Women's Rights National Historical Park​: Convention Days

Suzanne Schnittman: review of book 
"Provocative Women and The Seneca
Falls Legacy" (click)

"Convention Days" author panel
Suzanne Schnittman, Ellen Carol DuBois,
and Ann Gordon (click)

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